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Effects of Gadgets on Baby’s Development

Baby and gadgets – the sight you get to see everywhere. An infant is more familiar with smartphones, tablets, than rattles. A toddler knows how to hold a smartphone before he even starts walking. Now, with hundreds of the gizmos available in the market –

Parents feel – whats the harm in having a gadget do some of the parenting works, especially after a long day.

Effects of gadgets on baby's development

I was so surprised to see, a parent in the restaurant playing nursery rhyme over a smartphone to make 3-month-old drink milk.

We as a parent feel that these gizmos which have been programmed as – to track baby movements, interact with kids, make baby sleep, and much more – keeps baby entertained and are good for his/her growth. But are they as helpful as we consider them to be? Have you considered analyzing the real effects of gadgets on the baby? 

Dr Nirmala Karuppiah, from the National Institute of Education’s (NIE), Early Childhood and Special Education Academic Group, in her latest study found that – “65% of the surveyed children started playing with electronic devices before they even turned 3”. She has pointed out the severe harmful effects of gadgets on babies in her study.

Effects of Gadgets on Baby’s Development

Harmful effects of gadgets on baby's development

1. Impact Parent-Child Bonding

Gizmos make good babysitters, however, they take away the quality bonding time between parents and babies. The time where a parent and baby sit together to play, and baby learns and imitates by looking at the parents, is replaced with electronic toys. Babies learn best through two-way communication. Electronic toys undoubtedly entertain babies, but they also delay their speech and language learning

2. Brain Development

Research has shown that overexposure to gadgets or electric toys may have negative impacts on baby’s brain development – such as cognitive delays, impaired learning, attention deficit, ability to self-regulation.

3. Physical Development & Social Relations

As kids are glued to tv screens, smartphones and tablets – the lack of physical activities not only impact the physical development, but also the skill of forming social relations. It is imperative for kids to indulge in physical activities than to spend hours and hours on gadgets.

4. Eyesight and Radiance Exposure

Prolonged exposure to radiations emitting from screens impact not only the eyesight of toddlers but may also lead to serious health issues. As per World Health Organization Report – cellphones and other wireless devices are possibly carcinogenic to humans and are considered a category 2B risk for health due to the radiation emission.

5. Addiction

Addiction to technology and gadgets is the biggest concern these days. Dr. Andrew Doan, the Head of Addiction Research for the Pentagon and the U.S. Navy calls  – “Video games and screen technologies as digital drugs.” Exposure to gadgets makes babies addicted and hampers their emotional, physical and mental growth.


How to Protect Baby from Harmful Effects of Gadgets

harmful effects of gadgets on baby's development, we need to protect babies from gadgets

1. Encourage Baby to Play Outdoors

Gadgets develop sedentary habits, which are harmful to baby’s development. Encourage baby to indulge in outdoor games and interact with other kids. Outdoor activities are not only important for physical development but also for the metabolism system of the body. Playing games and interaction with other kids also helps baby’s speech & language learning skills, and the ability to socialize. (It has been noted that kids who are more into gadgets are not comfortable socially) 

2. PLay Non-Electronic Games

Spend quality time with the baby and encourage them to play non-electronic games such as building blocks car, rock-a-stack, learning with wooden blocks, hammer bank, activity ball, stack blocks, coloring book, wooden dolls house , build castle with blocks

3. Read Storybooks

Reading storybooks to babies helps to develop memory, vocabulary and listening skills. Storybooks also help to introduce colors, shapes, letters, and numbers to babies in a fun way. There are a number of storybooks available in the market. My Vivaan loves – The Jungle BookThe Very Hungry CaterpillarGoodnight Moon, Baby TouchLittle Blue Truck’s SpringtimeOh, Baby, the Places You’ll Go!

4. Limit Screen Time

Limit the time your baby spends in front of a TV screen, smartphone, and tablets. Rather than spending the full day on gadgets, limit their time to not more than 2-3 hours. Also, it’s important to keep a watch on what the baby is watching, and how it is impacting his behavior.

Here are some of the toys and books that my baby loves-

22 thoughts on “Effects of Gadgets on Baby’s Development

  1. I’ve shared this article to spread awareness in using gadgets for our baby. I, myself is guilty of it and upon reading this I’ve decided to stop my kid from using a smartphone. I will let her play non electronic games and play with her cousins and friends in the neighborhood.

  2. I know gadgets have been very useful and effectly and effortless for parents however when I think of it years ago people doesn’t have much gadgets to use for babies, even when I was a little girl I didn’t have much toys compare now as I’ve seen children are pampered with gadgets and toys. Personally, it would be great if parents should find ways to be with their children more and spend time with them, find ways to entertain your kid not just by giving them gadgets.

  3. I think awareness of this is so important! I know parenting is hard but relying on gadgets is not good for a childs development or health – especially their eyes and increasing ADHD! Great tips to combat this.

  4. I do worry about the eyesight and addiction bit the most. In general though, my kids still do normal kid things all the time even with access to tablets.

  5. Helpful for mothers who thinks that they get rid from their own children by giving them a gazette .Now they can realise that what they’re paying.

  6. This is a very interesting topic that should be read by all parents. I will take those suggestion and advice for my children because I am sure that it will help them to be better not only today but in the future.

  7. With gadgets for small children, there are 2 camps: users and minimizers. We have always been minimizers because we agree with the possible detrimental affects of too much use. Although technology is awesome in any ways, there is no substitution for one on one bonding time. Our children learn to be warm, inviting, personable and well adjusted by human contact, not by screen time. Thanks for this important post. 💗 Xo, Evelyn, PathofPresence (.com) 🦋

  8. You raised some interesting points in this article which was a good source of information for parents. I’m not 100% on my stance on the subject, I do think limited tech is a must but we have to also move with the times and our children are living in a era of technology now.

  9. Aww I don’t have a baby (yet!!) but my cousins have babies and I was surprised to see this happening. But I think we can use tech in moderation because these tools are actually very helpful when you are short on time, but it is important to ensure that you are only using them as help and not a total replacemnt!

  10. I’m still not 100% sure where I stand on children having so much technology in their lives from birth. No doubt though, a lot of these apps and gadgets can help along with parenting and promote mental growth within a child, I suppose it’s just a matter of finding out which are the best ones. 🙂

  11. Thanks for sharing a timely warning about the dangers of babies spending too much time with gadgets. They need to bond with people–not electronic devices.

  12. Very interesting post. As a mother of 3, my view is it’s good in moderation. How do we expect our kids to grow up in a “smart” world if they aren’t familiar with the technology? Now, I DO think kids still need that time outside, with friends, inventing games and doing hands on crafts!!

  13. I absolutely agree! I always things about these side-effects when I see children playing with gadgets. I think it’s artificial and harmful to their development!

  14. Now, as many new technologies, children are being promoted to them from birth. I do not know if this is really good or bad, but I think that should not be so.

  15. I don’t have kids but I am a teacher, I found this very interesting and have always wondered how the next generation of kids will turn out, having had access to iPads and phones since as early as 1 years old. Great post!

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