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Chennai from a True North Indian’s Perspective

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It all started when my husband (Rahul) broke the news and told me that he has got an amazing job opportunity, but we have to relocate for that. I was like – what’s new in that, we have already relocated 3 times in the last 3 years. He said – Yeah!! but this time we have to relocate to Chennai.

My response was something like this –

Chennai for North Indians: Are you serious? Are you testing my patience

Like every other north Indian, I also had a lot of apprehensions of this place before coming here. I came here with the mindset that – let’s try at least for 7-8 months if we don’t like the place we can always relocate. After all, we are now champions in relocation – remember, 3 shifting in 3 years.

It’s now going to be a year since we moved to this city, and I can’t believe myself for saying this but I really like this city. I know you must be thinking – Seriously!!! you like Chennai, even some of the Chennaites don’t like the city for its hot weather.

I can understand, but I am totally loving this place. A Telugu friend who was equally surprised by hearing this said – if you like Chennai, you will like any city in India. Well, I believe the way we keep on shifting, we will cover every major city in a very short span of time.

Seriously, what’s wrong with Chennai? What is Chennai for north Indians? Why people especially North Indians have so many apprehensions of this place? Here are my thoughts on North Indians perceptions and the reality of this city –

Chennai for North Indians

# Language

When I told my friends and relatives that I am relocating to Chennai, their first question was “Why?” “How are you going to survive there? How are you going to communicate with people – Hindi is like a foreign language there, and obviously, everyone won’t be able to communicate in English.”

However, the reality is Chennaites do understand Hindi, they may not be able to speak, but they do understand. Surprised!! yes, it’s true. Also, if you know English, you can very easily make your way out here. Almost everyone understands English expect cab drivers (who are exceptions everywhere)


# Food

Another misconception people have for this city, especially bachelors is -“Food”.
They believe that food is the biggest problem in Chennai and it’s next to impossible to find authentic north Indian food at a reasonable price here.

Let me shed this misconception also – Chennai is flooded with north Indian food joints. You can very easily find authentic north Indian food at a reasonable price in your neighborhood across Chennai.  Sree Gupta Bhavan, Eden Vegetarian, Delhi Highway, Delhi Dhaba, Punjab Grill, Bhangra – are some of the good authentic north Indian food joints in Chennai.


# Social Life

People who have never been to Chennai feels it’s difficult to have a social life here especially for North Indians. However, the reality is Chennaites are very helpful, people themselves come forward for any help & support. Apart from this, the city is flooded with north Indians especially the young crowd, thanks to the IT companies. If you are homemaker than it may be difficult, however, if you are working you can ley rest to your worries and follow the mantra – “Work hard & party harder!!!”


# Weather

Weather is undoubtedly the biggest problem people feel in Chennai. To be honest, it’s damn hot here compared to other southern cities. Afternoons are very hot with the temperature rising to nearly 42-45 degree. However, evenings are relatively pleasant with the cold sea breeze. If you are working and spend your entire day inside the office, the hot weather wouldn’t make much of a difference in your life anyways.

The one factor which is driving me to adjust to the weather of this city is the fresh air you find here, which is next to impossible to find in Delhi these days. The rising air pollution and its harmful health effects were my biggest concerns in Delhi, especially after Vivaan’s birth.


Nothing can beat North India and its life for any true north Indian. But if get a chance to relocate to Chennai, give this city a try and it will break all your myths – LifeBeingMomma



5 thoughts on “Chennai from a True North Indian’s Perspective

  1. Have been to chennai.many times…for short tips…it’s a nice place…people are good doubt….food joints are great…yes weather is a major issue but then to that’s a problem in Delhi too…
    Beautiful write up.


    1. True Krish, we have so many misconceptios of this city, especially in the North region. The weather is no longer the problem here, as delhi is equally hot these days, thanks to the pollution.

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