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Paris: Safety Tips for Tourists

Paris, the “fashion capital” of the world is one of the most popular tourist destinations across the globe. The city’s architectural beauty and charisma never fail to mesmerize you.

Paris safety tips for tourists: things to know before visiting Paris

Are you planning for your visit to Paris?  Yeah!!!

You must be busy planning your itinerary, places to hang out, etc., etc….  The concern for personal safety or the protection of your valuables would be the last thing on your mind. Afterall city seems so glam and beautiful, but what you don’t know is, like every other big city, Paris also has its dark side. In order to prepare for Paris, it’s important to know how to stay safe here. Here I am sharing Paris safety tips for tourists.

Bring your heart to this city, but don’t leave your brain at home, be vigilant of your surroundings all the time.

Paris Safety Tips for Tourists: Do’s and Don’ts

1. Beware of Local Taxies at Airport

The moment you step outside the Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport after customs clearance, you will be approached by multiple guys who propose to offer Taxi at a cheaper rate.  Be careful and don’t get mugged by these people. Always go for the authorized taxi service providers, who stand just outside the terminal in the “orange jacket”. Stand in line and wait for your turn. Taxi fare from the airport is pretty simple in Paris – from CDG to Paris “Right Bank” Euro 50 and Euro 55 to Paris “Left Bank”.

2. Don’t go by the Hotel Star Ratings

If you are someone who demands value for money especially in terms of the hospitality, I would recommend reading traveler’s review thoroughly. Don’t just go by the hotel chain name or the star rating. A 4-star or a 5-star rating hotel may turn out to be even worse than a 2-star category hotel.

We chose to stay at Best Western Aulivia Opera, supposedly a 4-star hotel, which turned out to be the worst nightmare for us. Not only the staff was extremely rude, the hotel failed to provide basic amenities which you expect from a 4-star hotel. I would recommend to read and trust travelers review before paying for the accommodation.

3. Pickpocketing

Pickpocketing is the most prevalent crime targeting tourists in Paris, especially around main tourist attractions such as Effiel Tower, Champs-Élysées, Musee d’Orsay,  Notre Dame Cathedral & Louvre Museum, and metro stations.

It’s advisable to be vigilant and keep your belongings close to you, especially near Effiel Tower. These people work in groups, while one will try to distract you by asking some questions, another group member would steal your bag, wallet, camera or phone.

Money belt and neck pouch are excellent ways to protect yourself in crowded areas.

4. Choose Safe Neighbourhood

As a tourist, its advisable to choose the safe neighborhood in Paris, especially if you are traveling alone. Avoid areas around metro Les Halles, Chatelet, Gare du Nord, Stalingrad and Jaures late at night or when the streets appear less than crowded.

Our hotel was at Rue des Petites Écuries, with multiple restaurants and bars nearby, despite this, I felt uncomfortable around the hotel during late hours. In fact, one day I and my husband went outside to purchase some bread around 10 PM, the store was just opposite our hotel. As we were coming back, 4-5 guys came and tried to block our way. As the hotel was just across the street, we ran and entered the hotel.  The incident was very shocking and kind of spoiled the mood. Tourists are easy targets in any country, and such incidents could soil the entire trip.

5. Choose Uber over Local Taxi

If you are an English speaking traveler, its advisable to take Uber over the local taxis to roam around the city. It will save you not only from putting a big hole in the pocket but also from the juggle to explain drop location, etc. to the driver. Based on my experience, the majority of the taxi drivers I encountered didn’t understand English, making it extremely difficult to communicate. This is the time when Uber comes in handy and your drop location and fair are all pre-defined, so need not to worry about the language issue.

Needless to mention, Uber is comparatively safe than the local taxi, especially for female travelers during late hours.

Paris is a beautiful city and a must-visit destination. I recently visited the city with my husband and infant son. This article “Paris Safety Tips for Tourists” is based on my personal experience. There is no harm in being cautious and take extra care, one bad experience can spoil your whole trip.

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22 thoughts on “Paris: Safety Tips for Tourists

  1. This timing couldn’t be more perfect! I’m planning a trip to Paris and London next year, and could really use advice on the best places to stay. I’ve always wanted to do a group and solo trip there but am always so worried about going to a new country alone.

  2. I think the one thing which makes me sad more than anything else is hearing about the pickpockets there are out there in places in Europe. I get people want to take advantage of people but it always makes me sad.

  3. I’ve been hearing a lot about how Paris isn’t really a safe city lately so this is an extremely helpful post. It’s still on my travel bucket list so I’m gonna keep these tips in mind when I go.

    1. Thank you Jennifer!! Yes, extremely important to keep yourself safe during such trip. We went to Switzerland also after Paris, surprisingly there were no such issues at all. Some extra precautions can save you from disastrous situations, especially in the foreign country.

  4. Paris was such a beautiful place to visit. I took my kids there many years ago and totally fell in love. We did our homework as far as safety and stuff like that. We were fully prepared to not let pickpocketers ruin our vacation! We also either walked or took the bus (instead of taxi service). I’m hoping to be able to go there again some day.

  5. Thanks for the tip about the taxi. I have always wanted to go to Paris. But I seen FB posts of some friends who were either held up or whose wallets were snatched and of taxi horror stories. Thanks for the tips!

  6. These sound like some awesome Paris safety tips for anyone heading that way. I know a lot of people who travel to Paris often during the year to get away. These will be great tips to share with them.

  7. I must say, first and last point exactly like India. I thought crime in Paris is much much low, pick pocketing is still there. Well good to know that these steps are helpful, to be honest, it was really unexpected that Paris has little problem. I know no country is perfect, but country like Paris sounds like bad when it comes to Hospitality. But anyways thank you for the tips.

    1. Paris is a beautiful city and a dream destination for all of us. Undoubtedly, ​ no country is perfect​ and anyone has a bad experience anywhere. Agree with you, the hospitality was very poor. It’s important to do a thorough research about the neighbourhood and hospitality before booking a hotel.

  8. Thank you for writing such an informative article, very useful information. I’ve been to Paris & loved it but went with a tourist group so felt relatively safe. Crossing the road was pretty scary!!

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