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Aromatic Candles for Festive Season

Nothing says romance quite like candles. The soft flickering light in a dark room filled with aroma and soft background music, set the perfect mood for a romantic evening.

Candles have always fascinated me. No matter how bored or dull you are felling, just lit few aromatic candles and let the magic begin. During festive Season, especially Diwali – while Mumma used to clean the house and cook delicious food. I used to design candles and candle holders to decor the home. The soft light of aromatic candles all across the house is very enduring. Where these days, no matter how hard we try to give that self-touch to the home decor, we fail to take the time out of our busy schedule.

To my rescue recently, I came across hand-poured and hand-decorated aromatic candles by Unicorn Decor. The company has unveiled aromatic candles in all sizes and aromas. What sets apart these candles from the others, is the funky yet stylish design that has been given to these candles. Here is my take on Unicorn Decor candles and candle holders.

Aromatic Candles by Unicorn Decor

Unicorn Decor Candle set

The product is a set of three candles : Lemongrass, Rose and Jasmine

What I like about this Candle


The candles have long lasting fragrance and excellent hot and cold scent throw. The moment I smelled the candles, I was like – “Mmmmm!!! Perfection!”.  On being lit, it filled the entire room with its aroma within few minutes. The most amazing part is- when you buy candles in a set, it happens that you like one fragrance more than the other, however, in this case I loved all the three fragrances.

Burning Duration:

The company claims that candle burns for nearly 20 hour, however I was amazed to find that it burnt for nearly 22-23 hours continuously till the last drop of the wax.


The candles comes in a glass container with a lid, which has been given a stylish look. All three candles have been decorated differently with stone and pearls. The style is different to what is available in the market, and also goes perfectly well with any decor – be it bedroom, living room, kitchen.


Each candle is nearly 5.4 centimeters in diameter and 8.2 centimeters in height.


Unicorn Decor Hand-Made Decorative Candle Holders (Set of 3) Along with 3 LED Candles


Unicorn Decor Candle Holder


What I like about the Candle Holder


These holders are  made up of transparent glass and have been given ethnic yet stylish look.  All the three holders have been styled differently with stones, stars, butterflies, etc., which gives quite royal and elegant look. I find this product to be a perfect choice for a gift during this festive season.

Value for Money

The product  – a set of three candle holders along with three LED lights, has been priced in budget. It’s a perfect product for a budget decor of your home. If you are innovative and want to try different things, you can play around and use these holders for multiple other purposes apart from candle holders.

Apart from these two varieties, the company has introduced around 20 different types of products.

Check out Unicorn Decor store for more offerings-



Don’t forget to pamper your home, for happy home and happy living!!!!!

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  1. Candles are my favorite, especially when the new scents come out according to the season. Fall and winter are my favorite becausee I love the spicy scents. I’ll have to look into this , thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the positive vibe of this post. The candles you shared are both festive and functional. The decorator options are very nice.

  3. Oh those are beautiful! I love a great smelling candle to help enhance decor but it’s a bonus if they also look as beautiful as these!

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