Hello, I’m Shefali. I’m passionate about traveling and reading. I was like any other girl, who loves to explore new places, meet new people, explore different cultures, read novels, watch movies & tv series, spend hours & hours on window shopping and go for long drives. My Husband (Rahul) and I, we made a point not to miss any movie and not to spend any weekend at home.

Then suddenly, the entry of brand new member in the family (aka Vivaan) changed my whole life.  Now, movie dates are out of question  Whenever I go shopping, I always end up buying clothes, toys or books for him. Whenever I plan for the outing, I look for his comfort before anything else. It’s he who I think of before anything else now (even Rahul doesn’t hold this much importance ).

Vivaan has given my life a new perspective. When for the first time he said “Momma”, the word seemed alien to me, now my day doesn’t end without having me running behind him calling ” Vivaan… listen to Momma“.

I am neither perfect nor expert. I am also learning each day about how to keep my cool with him. Here I am sharing my experience and learnings of this new world called “MOTHERHOOD”.